About Us

Milo Ray Jewelry is an eponymous German jewelry brand founded in 2018.
With a sense of adventure and an open mind, the brothers Florian and Felix took a break from their German home to travel through a coastal city in India. It was there he met a local shaman “Milo Ray” who encouraged them to pursue their dreams. Upon returning to Germany, the brothers set out to honor the shaman’s words and make his vision a reality, designing and crafting jewelry deeply rooted in spirituality and energy healing. Milo Ray launched with humble beginnings the way so many iconic brands do—in a garage. Despite the growth of the company, Milo Ray continues to create each piece by hand—never relying on machinery or mass production.
Milo Ray Jewelry releases two new collections each year. Collections of the past include macramé necklaces, hand-braided leather bracelets, precious and semi-precious stone bracelets, exotic stingray bracelets, the Skyfall Collection for women, rings for men and women, and the brand’s iconic beaded bracelets in a variety of stones and color combinations.


The brothers Florian and Felix were born in the countryside of Germany. Despite the small, rural setting of their childhood, they became fascinated by style, the arts and spirituality. Through their endeavors in the fashion industry they were able to define their distinct and personal aesthetic. But it was not until they met the shaman that they truly gained the vision which inspired the first piece of Milo Ray Jewelry.
Each design is assembled by human hands and every carefully selected precious and semi-precious stone is chosen to stimulate spiritual healing powers. All finished items are purified with a cleansing sage.
The brand emphasizes creativity, individuality and spirituality in all its designs.